Alex Morgan
Great company, Neenah is very knowledgeable about belly dance, routines are suitable for all levels and the location works great for me.
Very professional and is to work with. Had a great time watching them perform! Great fun and great spirit! Thank you for making our event that much better because you all were there!
Charlotte Canion
Nina Crocker is Amazing and her heart is pure as gold. I love this beautiful - talented lady.
TERESA rather
Hired for a surprise 60th birthday party. I highly recommend this company. Very professional and highly skilled. We had three great belly dancers all with great attitudes that kept the guests dancing through the night. If your looking for a team to make your party Exceptional look no further.
Gina Dorvilier
Neenah's personality was amazing. What a sweet person. Her dance routine and music was on point. More importantly she connected with the guests & really kept everyone entertained. I definitely would use her again
Spoorthy I
She was great. Very nice performance. The performer included the guests and kids into her performance. The kids had a blast. At the end all the kids wanted a “Barbie princess” during their birthday party. 😊😊
Nora Elizalde
If you want to get physically fit, do yourself a favor take up belly dancing. I’ve seen Neenah perform in Dallas and she is SPECTACULAR!! Very professional, artistic and graceful.
Very professional, skilled, talented and amazing
The dancers were very talented and put on a great show for our Corporate Multicultural Fair!
What a great experience my wife has had with ABDE for the last 3 years. They perform all over the metroplex and for all sorts of various events. The main troupe, The Harem Jewels, is the group my wife is a member of and she just loves it. She says it is a great workout, you learn things at a fast pace, the choreography is invigorating and the atmosphere is helpful and fun! Come take advantage of this great opportunity to dance to the beat of a whole new drum!
I've always wanted to try belly dancing, after I took class at ABD for the first time, I knew this is what I'll do for a very long time. Both the teachers, Neenah and Rebecca, are fantastic. Not only are they great teachers, they are wonderful performers too. If you are looking for a new way for workout or want to practice and start performing, you've come to the right place. The classes usually starts with warm up, then fundamental techniques, drills, and choreography. I've learned so much during the past year and have started performing. It's so much fun and I absolutely love it! They have beginners, intermediate, and advanced classes. Everyone is welcomed no matter if you are new to dancing or have been dancing for years.
Belly dance gives woman a way to feel good about themselves. Anyone can do belly dancing. It is a good workout and fun. I have enjoyed being part of Authentic Belly Dancing. It has helped me loose weight, reduce stress, and build self-confidence
I have not taken this course myself however, a good friend of mine did recently. I witnessed first hand the effectiveness of this course through the utterly beautiful performance my friend displayed during our wedding. She attended this academy, only for a few weeks leading up to our big day. Because of the confidence she got from taking this course, she asked us if she could perform during our reception. Let me say, we were blown away and so happy she danced for us and our guests! She was one of the major highlights of this eventful evening, and our guests gave rave reviews on her belly dancing performance. Beautiful, graceful, sexy yet classy...perfect entertainment value! If you're even remotely thinking of taking this course, I would highly recommend you do so! Our friend did and we saw the results first-hand! 5 Stars to the Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment & Academy!
I have been wanting to find a new form of exercise. I've been bored with the gym, bored with yoga and zumbawas too hard on my knees. Some friends and I went to dinner at a Greek restaurant a few weeks ago and they had a belly dancer there. After her show I went to talk to her about her dance to see if she could tell me more about it and if she knew a school where I could learn. Lucky me! She told me that she taught belly dance and gave me her card. Her name is Neenah and she was so amazing when she performed. I could not believe the abdominal muscles on her. I started my first class with her this week. She worked muscles I didn't know I had. The other students in her class were very welcoming. I had so much fun and got a great workout. I can't wait till next week!
When my friend said that she was performing a dance at some Greek restaurant, I didn't know it was going to be a belly dance. I was pleasantly surprised. I've seen one or two belly dances before but her performance was spectacular. It was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. She mentioned that she learned it here so I just want to give my kudos.
My friend has been taking belly dance classes here and I went to see her perform at the State Fair of Texas. They danced with wings, zills and veils. Simply amazing!
My daughter and I took many classes at the Authentic Belly Dancing Academy, and even performed with our group! It was fun and engaging, the teachers are patient and encouraging. I highly recommend the academy to anyone.
These ladies are something else. They danced for a birthday party at my family's brewery, TEXAS ALE PROJECT. ALL of the patrons were engaged and mesmerized. They are hard workers and deserve the highest accolades for keeping their audience smiling and very fixated. VERY PROFESSIONAL dancers and business.